Covid Vaccines administered abroad

We have been getting an increasing amount of requests from patients who had 1 or both their Covid vaccines abroad to have it added to their records so they can obtain a ‘Covid Pass.’ We can add these to your GP held medical record but this will not feed into the Covid Pass. Please see the response that has been received from the NHS England Vaccination Helpdesk.

There is currently no capability to have the data for foreign vaccinations administered abroad entered into the Point of Care systems, however a capability is expected to launch in the next month or so. Please also advise the patients to keep/obtain any physical proof that they have had these vaccines and wait for the launch of this service.
In the meantime, if someone has had their first dose outside of the UK, they should be directed to the National Booking Service or a local vaccination site to arrange subsequent doses. Patients should be told that at this time only vaccines delivered in the UK will count towards COVID certification.
Kind regards,
Vaccination DQ Team