Infection Control Statement 2020-2021


This annual statement will be generated in January each year. It will summarise:

  • Any infection transmission incidents and action taken (if appropriate these will be reported in accordance with out significant event procedure)
  • Details of any Infection Control audits and any subsequent action taken
  • Details of any Infection Control risk assessments and any subsequent action taken
  • Staff training
  • Any review and update of policies, procedure or guidance

Infection Control Leads

The practice lead for Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) is Dr Mark Longley. He is supported by PN Jo Norris who is the designated link for IPC and Mrs Fay Johnson (Operations Manager).

PN Jo Norris will be attending the quarterly IPC meetings arranged by the North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). She also carries out regular audits and maintains the IPC folder.  Any information gleaned through this role she cascades back to practice staff via staff meetings and email.

The Operations Manager organises staff training.

Significant Events

There have been no serious Infection Control incidents requiring a root cause analysis during the past year.


A vaccine storage and cold chain compliance audit was carried out in January 2020.  As a result of this audit the following things have changed:

  • Review of the Policy & Procedure for Maintaining the Vaccine Cold Chain
  • Redistribution of responsibilities for vaccine ordering, stock take & stock rotation to clinical staff

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are carried out so that best practice can be established and followed.  In the last year the following risk assessments were carried out/reviewed:

Legionella (Water) Risk Assessment

The Practice has reviewed its water safety risk assessment to ensure that the water supply does not pose a risk to patients, visitors or staff.  The legionella inspection/policy is held in the Operations Manager’s office.  Legionella testing was undertaken in September 2019 by an external contractor which demonstrated that Legionella bacteria was NOT isolated in our water supply.  Monthly water testing is also undertaken in-house to ensure our water supply meets requirements set out by the Health & Safety Executive.  Any excursions are reported and action taken accordingly.

Staff Training

All practice staff will have training during their induction. Annual Infection Control training is set by mandatory Blue Stream Training.

All doctors and nurses have been instructed to undertake an online IPC training unit. Records show that the vast majority have completed it.

Review of Policies, Procedures and Guidance

The following policies have been reviewed and updated:

  • Policy & Procedure for Maintaining the Vaccine Cold Chain

Copies of all are available from the practice.