Healthcare Team

The Role of the Community Midwife

There are two midwives based at St. Clements practice.

The midwives undertake antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care (up to 28 days following delivery).

The midwife will refer patients, when appropriate, to other healthcare professionals and arrange blood tests and ultrasound scans. They carry out home deliveries and work closely with a group of about ten midwives, working in the community in this area.

As soon as you have had your pregnancy confirmed you should contact the midwives, on the practice telephone number, to make an early appointment.

  • Organise and carry out the care of all pregnant women.
  • Refer to obstetric consultant when necessary.
  • Attend home births.
  • Carry out postnatal care of mother and baby.
  • Organise and carry out parentcraft sessions.
  • Liaise with GPs, health visitors, social workers, obstetricians and maternity staff.
  • Sometimes called in to work on Maternity Unit.
  • Work as a team of community midwives and take part in “on call” rota.