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Travel Vaccination Information

  • Please allow at least 6-10 weeks prior to travelling for your vaccination programme.
  • Some vaccination programmes may require up to 3 months for schedules to be completed.
  • Late requests for appointments cannot always be accommodated.

To ensure that we provide you with the correct information and immunisations:

Prior to your appointment, please complete the Travel Risk Assessment Form (available on the website or from the reception desk). Please return this form to St Clements surgery at least one week, prior to your first appointment.

Regarding a travel Vaccination Appointment:

Please Contact the surgery via eConsult or telephone call to book your Travel Nurse appointment.

Your first appointment will be a phone call consultation with the travel nurse. Please ensure you have returned your Travel Risk Assessment Form prior to this phone call.

If you require any vaccines for your travel destination, The nurse will discuss these with you over the phone and then book you an appointment to come into the surgery to have these done.


Please note that payment is required for some vaccinations. Please ensure all payments are made prior to your vaccination face to face appointment with the nurse. We take cash or card payments. (The costs are on the reverse of this leaflet)

For travel health and immunisation information please contact travelhealthpro website